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I was trying to make a decision on accepting an extension to keep working on the same project I am working on or trying to have more unique experiences, some people told me that the extension will give you financial stability but taking the safe option was not exciting to me because there was no chance of failure or adding something new to my package of experiences.

I was thinking if I do the normal stuff that all other people are doing, I am not doing anything different to achieve different…

I was talking to a student at the University of Waterloo and I was asking him on how he got so good at building projects and products and one thing he mentioned that he build small projects for startups in his free time or in the weekend and he told me that one of the benefits is that you don’t have to make a long commitment to get the experience of working at x and you get to work with the engineers there and get experiences with different technologies rather than working in one place for 6 months other than…

Note: this article is on my website here too!

I learned about Blockchain more than a year ago and during that time I learned a lot of things and I was thinking what is an article I wish I read that would help me to accelerate my learning and get more value and this is what is this article about.

Learn The Foundations:

I can’t stress this enough but I think one of the things that could save me a lot of time if I spent some time, in the beginning, to become a better coder, have some understanding of some computer science…

Note: This article is on my website here too!

I am currently doing my 4th internship at Conflux Network, other than spending some months with other projects, startups, and programs, I failed a lot and learned a lot, and that what mattered to me, it was all a learning experience, if I didn’t do those experiences I won’t know the wrong things! the article has some stuff I learned that will help you to get the most out of your internship!

Pre-Internship Part (If you didn’t get an internship yet):

  • You should learn how to reach out that will get you more interviews, you should at least cold reach…

Shawki Sukkar

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