Some Advice for your Next Internship

Note: This article is on my website here too!

I am currently doing my 4th internship at Conflux Network, other than spending some months with other projects, startups, and programs, I failed a lot and learned a lot, and that what mattered to me, it was all a learning experience, if I didn’t do those experiences I won’t know the wrong things! the article has some stuff I learned that will help you to get the most out of your internship!

Pre-Internship Part (If you didn’t get an internship yet):

  • You should learn how to reach out that will get you more interviews, you should at least cold reach out a 100 people to get 5 offers at the end, you have to know that startups/companies won’t give you an internship only to learn, you have to show your potential and what value you’re capable of delivering.

When you Get the Internship:

  • Meet everyone, you don’t know who knows who and what you can get out of a meeting, if you don’t get a mentor, try to get one, find someone who cares about you and who has the experience you want to get.